Routine Preventative Care:
▪ Checkups and Cleanings
▪ Periodontal and Oral Cancer Screenings
▪ Digital Xrays (less radiation exposure)
▪ Night Guards
▪ Sealants
▪ Onsite Laboratory (limited)

Restorative Dental Care:
▪ White (resin or porcelain) Fillings
▪ Silver (amalgam) Fillings

▪ Implants
▪ Bridges
▪ Crowns
▪ Dentures (Partial/Complete)

Periodontics (Gum Therapy):
▪ Non-surgical gum treatment
▪ Root Planing and Scaling
▪ Minor Gum Surgery

Cosmetic Services:
▪ Bleaching
▪ Bonding
▪ Porcelain Veneers

Oral Surgery:
▪ Simple Extractions

Patient Comfort Services:
▪ The Wand (a computer controlled injection
system allowing almost painless injections)
▪ Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) Sedation
▪ Oral Sedation
▪ Local Anesthesia
▪ Friendly and Caring Staff
▪ Relaxed Atmosphere
▪ Videotapes, CD's, Magazines, and Books
▪ Blankets and Pillows
▪ Post-Treatment Hot Towels/Lip Balm
▪ Wheelchair Accessability
▪ Relay/ Email Usage for Hearing Impaired

Sterilization Techniques:
Sterilization is just as important to us as it is to you. Not only do we abide by all OSHA standards, we also utilize spore testing in our office. Dr. Holt has a degree in microbiology and medical technology. Our staff attends yearly infections control seminars to keep current on the latest techniques.